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KEY_ID - Static variable in class
legacy id field
KEY_LAST_ORDER_DATE - Static variable in class
legacy last order date
KEY_NAME - Static variable in class
legacy name field
KEY_SEGMENT - Static variable in class
legacy customer segment field
KeyAtPos - Class in
KeyAtPos is a VALUE OBJECT that represents a key at a certain position.
When comparing keys to bring them in an order, the KeyAtPos.getKey() takes precendence over KeyAtPos.getPos().
KeyAtPos(long, long) - Constructor for class
KeyCollision<T extends KeyCollision<T>> - Interface in
Interface for collision items, used for collecting, intermediate storage and aggregation
KeyCollisionCollectionPolicies - Class in
This class provides convenient access to the standard policies for key collision collection.
KeyCollisionCollectionPolicy<T extends KeyCollision<T>> - Interface in
A KeyCollisionCollectionPolicy is a POLICY that defines how to collect collisions
KeyCollisionDataPoint - Class in
KeyCollisionDataPoint is a VALUE OBJECT that represents a statistic data point, natural order is defined on KeyCollisionDataPoint.getPosition().
KeyCollisionDataPoint(long, long, long) - Constructor for class
KeyCollisionIterator<K extends KeyCollision<K>> - Class in
The KeyCollisionIterator is a DECORATOR for a KeyAtPos-ITERATOR.
KeyCollisionIterator(Iterator<KeyAtPos>, KeyCollisionCollectionPolicy<K>, BiConsumer<Long, Long>) - Constructor for class
KeyCollisionProcessException - Exception in
Unchecked exception used during key processing to indicate problems
KeyCollisionProcessException(String) - Constructor for exception
KeyCollisionProcessException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception
KeyCollisionProcessException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception
KeyCollisionProcessor<K extends KeyCollision<K>> - Class in
A KeyCollisionProcessor generates a specified number of keys provided by a supplier in a keyspace and analyzes key collisions.
KeyCollisionProcessor(File, int, int, KeyCollisionCollectionPolicy<K>, boolean) - Constructor for class
Creates a new processor with the given environment settings
KeyCollisionSummary - Class in
A KeyCollisionSummary contains the collision statistics collected while processing a number of keys in a keyspace.
KeyCollisionSummary() - Constructor for class
KeyCollisionTest - Class in
MUHAI Key Collision Test - here we demonstrate the collision behavior by creating large amount of keys and detecting collisions.
KeyCollisionTest() - Constructor for class
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