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packagePath - Variable in class de.calamanari.other.JavaDocSourceHolder
PalindromeCheckFuture - Class in
Palindrome Check Future - allows the MASTER to poll for the result and the SLAVES to report their results.
PalindromeCheckFuture(int) - Constructor for class
Creates new Future combining results of several partition checks
PalindromeCheckMaster - Class in
Palindrome Check Master - the MASTER in this MASTER SLAVE example, divides the task into subtasks waits for the slaves to complete the sub-tasks and returns the result.
PalindromeCheckMaster(int, int, int) - Constructor for class
Creates the master with some configuration information
PalindromeCheckResult - Class in
Palindrome Check Result - represents result of palindrome check
PalindromeCheckSlaveTask - Class in
Palindrome Check Slave Task - executes a SLAVE's work in this MASTER-SLAVE example.
An instance runs in a separate thread and sends its result to his MASTER.
PalindromeCheckSlaveTask(IndexedTextFileAccessor, long, long, int, PalindromeCheckFuture) - Constructor for class
Creates a new slave task comparing two partitions start1-end1 vs. end2-start2
ParallelFileInputStream - Class in
Parallel File Input Stream - input stream using a concurrent reader thread.
This class is useful for reading large files especially if processing takes longer than reading.
ParallelFileInputStreamTest - Class in
Parallel File Input Stream Test - tests for ParallelFileInputStream
ParallelFileInputStreamTest() - Constructor for class
passByValue(T) - Static method in class
Simulates a pass-by-value situation (serialize/deserialize the given object, aka deep-cloning)
path - Variable in class de.calamanari.other.JavaDocSourceHolder
performPalindromeFileTest(File, String) - Method in class
Perform a palindrome test on the given text file.
PersistenceSession - Class in
Persistence Session - supplementary class for LAZY LOAD demonstration
Placeholder for some kind of persistence management.
PersistenceSession() - Constructor for class
Person - Class in
A person object in this scenario (supplementary).
Person - Class in
Person - entity in the first subsystem
Person(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class
Creates a new person instance with the given parameters.
Person(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class
Creates new person entity
PersonDataConnector - Class in
Person Data Connector - this is the service abstraction (root of a hierarchy) where we have "bridged-out" a parallel hierarchy implementing core functionality.
This shows the BRIDGE-pattern.
PersonDataConnector(PersonDataConnectorImp) - Constructor for class
Creates new PersonDataConnector using the given PersonDataConnectorImp
PersonDataConnectorImp - Interface in
Person Data Connector Imp - interface to be provided by concrete PersonDataConnectorImps.
PersonViewAdapter - Class in
Person view adapter implements the target system person view interface and acts as an ADAPTER for SourceSystemPersonView items.
PersonViewAdapter(SourceSystemPersonView) - Constructor for class
Constructs a new adapter for the given source system person view.
PessimisticOfflineLockTest - Class in
Pessimistic Offline Lock Test - demonstrates PESSIMISTIC OFFLINE LOCK pattern.
PessimisticOfflineLockTest() - Constructor for class
Phrase(int, String, SourceLineInterpreter.CommentType) - Constructor for class de.calamanari.other.SourceLineInterpreter.Phrase
PlainFileDataManager - Class in
Plain file data manager uses a text file for persistence, it demonstrates a CONCRETE FACTORY.
PlainFileDataManager() - Constructor for class
Creates new Plain File Data Manager
PlainFileDataReader - Class in
Plain file data reader, a CONCRETE PRODUCT of CONCRETE FACTORY
PlainFileDataReader(File) - Constructor for class
Creates new reader
PlainFileDataWriter - Class in
Plain file data writer, a CONCRETE PRODUCT of CONCRETE FACTORY
PlainFileDataWriter(File) - Constructor for class
Creates new writer
PluginTest - Class in
Plugin test demonstrates the PLUGIN pattern
PluginTest() - Constructor for class
pnlBase - Variable in class
center panel
pnlSignal - Variable in class
panel to show signal
PoolThread - Class in
Managed thread for pooling.
POSITIVE - Static variable in class
This single-bit prefix '0' (2^63 keys possible) causes the signed long representation to never turn negative.
POSITIVE_31 - Static variable in class
This prefix sets the first 33 bits '0', so any key in that space of 2^31 keys will be a positive 32-bit integer.
prepareCustomer(String) - Static method in class
prepareCustomer(String) - Static method in class
primitiveArraysSupported - Variable in enum
For symmetry reasons VOID is included, but you cannot create any primitive array of void
This flag indicates this for generic processing.
primitiveArrayToStringFunction - Variable in enum
A function that converts any array of the given primitive type to a string
primitiveType - Variable in enum
The primitive type that can be wrapped
print(String) - Method in interface
Some method to print something
print(String) - Method in class
printData() - Method in interface
Prints the component's data using the injected print service
printData() - Method in class
printData() - Method in class
printData() - Method in class
printData() - Method in class
PrintService - Interface in
Print service - supplementary service interface, just some service to print
PrintServiceImpl - Class in
Print service - supplementary concrete service implementation, creates log message
PrintServiceImpl() - Constructor for class
PrintServiceInjectable - Interface in
Print Service Injectable - demonstrates INTERFACE INJECTION
Components implementing this interface signal to the framework that they want to have injected a reference to print service.
process(LongSupplier, long, long) - Method in class
This method takes the specified number of keys from the given supplier and reports occurrences of the same key
processText(String) - Method in class
This TEMPLATE METHOD processes the string using operations implemented by concrete subclasses.
Product - Class in
Product - supplementary product class
Product(String, String) - Constructor for class
Creates product
ProductManager - Interface in
Product Manager - interface provided by the remote product manager server, originally with two methods to first acquire a new id and than register the product.
ProductManagerServer - Class in
Product Manager Server - the server side
ProductManagerServer() - Constructor for class
Creates new Product Manager Server
ProductManagerServerException - Exception in
Unchecked exception to be thrown by the product manager server to indicate technical issues.
ProductManagerServerException(String) - Constructor for exception
ProductManagerServerException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception
ProductManagerServerException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception
ProgressObserver - Class in
Progress Observer is a concrete OBSERVER implementation, writing a progress message to log channel.
ProgressObserver(long) - Constructor for class
Creates new Progress observer with the expected size
PROPERTY_SECU_MANGA_HOST - Static variable in class
property key
PROPERTY_SECU_MANGA_PORT - Static variable in class
property key
PropertyRegistry - Class in
Property Registry - a simple registry: safe to be accessed concurrently with minimum synchronization, providing the ability to be refreshed at any time.
ProxyTest - Class in
Proxy Test demonstrates PROXY pattern.
ProxyTest() - Constructor for class
put(Object...) - Method in class
Puts the given key into the bloom filter.
putHashStrategy(String, HashStrategy) - Method in class
Stores the strategy for the given key.
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